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Update on my situation with Titus.

After several pms back and forth he agreed to ship me 2 Co2 tanks to fix the issue. that was on 7-6-06. Waited 1 month and no tanks or pm's. So I pm'ed him again and was told that he was shipping them that day or the next, they were already packaged and ready to go. Thats was 8-4-06.

So I wait, a week pm him and he apologizes and says they are going out pronto. that was on 8-13-06

So I waited........................................

On 9-14-06 I pm him again. Was told that they were sent out already. Of course I have not received anything between 8-13-06 and now, he never even checked to see if they arrived. I pm back and give him my address to make sure and ask for any confirmation number or tracking number. His answer was, didnt save the receipt and didnt get any tracking/confirmation. He said that he didnt have any tanks to send, but if he did get some he would send them, Basicly I was SOL. So I said forget it, I am tired of worrying about it, and that I had no proof that he had shipped them at all. His response, "Thats understandable"

So I will NEVER do business with him for ANY reason, and If I see any other feedback threads for him, I will post there, and warn as many as I can. He has a complete lack of customer service, and total disregard for accurate descriptions of his items. I too was given the "Poor College Student routine" also, I dont buy it.................

Shane Kinzel

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