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The libraries at my college and the local ones obviously don't carry that sort of detailed information. If I find something useful elsewhere, I could get the people at the college to help me with an inter-library loan.
I've had pretty good success hunting resources off the internet so far, just had a bit of a hiccup on this point.
One of the history professors is an expert on all things Hitler; so I'm going to get an appointment with him to see if he has any ideas.

As a side note, plenty of Germans served honourably during World War II, even though their government was totally off the rails. Otto Carius's Memoir: Tigers In Mud, is a pretty good book in that regard; and the stories recounted in A Higher Call are just downright epic. A shame the Germans are paranoid of discussing their own history: pretty or not, the people involved need to be remembered. A shame so many decent people were thrown away in that war...
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