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Yup. I'll rework this in my head. Again, I'm just going to do it in house, and specific ads only.

This has never been about making money, otherwise, I could have picked that "Meet someone online ad" I was being peddled by adbright and brought in over $2000 with that ad alone this month. But I won't do that. I can't. It's not me.

I'd rather have only 1 fairly unobtrusive ad section.. with targeted ads, that will benefit, not only us as the users and viewers, but also the advertiser. Meaning, the rates would be lower then expected for that kind of traffic and viewership. This way the advertisers would want to come back, and I wouldn't be here trying to figure out how to "scam" my friends into clicking for unwanted stuff.

Azzy.. I'm going to fire you a PM and ask a favor.
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