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I'm glad to see some protecting the young players from over shooting. That's what we do here. We have a lot of novice folks and slightly more then novice, but as soon as a player gets a year or so, they seem to go backyard on us.

So we can't put on tourneys or scenarios any more because they are out of touch.

We are a rec. field of tradition ball. What some call woods ball, but we do have a speedball field and 5 theme fields with a village, a castle, an urban field with 15 building to play in and around and 2 firebases made of about 10,000 sandbags. As well as 8 woods fields.

Our average shooter uses 500-700 balls in a day. And they play about 5-6 hours and seem to have a blast. If they rent gear and grab lunch here they might spend 50 bucks in a day. So for use of staff and all 16 fields over the 62 acres I think it's a fair price. But I'd love to get some of the more experienced players back because they helped the novices go the next level. They set examples for the other to follow. Many times a few of these experienced player would grab 5-6 newbies and take them out to face another old timer with a similar group of novices. That helped to bring the young lads along so they weren't afraid of other players or trying a tournament. It was nice. But I don't see that any longer.

That's why I'm trying to find the draw of backyard so I can make changes to bring these guys back. That's why I'm looking to you folks for expertise to solve the mystery!
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