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DSA's Redux Update, not the gun just DSA!

Redux’ers it has been a very long while since I posted up. Although I lurk from time to time I just have not been able to play paintball in a very long time. First, the field here was extremely inconsistent at best, then it closed, I lost interest, and my son grew up and moved out. Well I have started to come full circle once again, but just can’t get into it like I once did. I guess I will always love paintball, but I live in an area that does not support the sport so its really hard to get enthusiastic.

As for MCB, I moved on long ago. For me, the mods were too deeply involved in the threads, even to the point of making negative comments and actively changing posts. Where the Redux was involved, it became very PBN like; it appeared to get personal from mods north of the US border. Although I understand some of the criticism, I didn’t think it was a standard that went across the board. From my perspective, some products were protected, while others were actively ridiculed, it appeared personal.

Although I still refer folks here, It was just time to move on. This is really a big statement since I was one of the first members who moved over from back in the pink days.

Now on to the Redux, I cannot speak of what has transpired between Steve and DM6. I know both sides of the story and I am not sure what has transpired since. I do however hope they have worked things out. That being said, I am moving on, I tried to play messenger between them and make things nice, but it is none of my business except to say there are two sides to the story.

Ok so now I have my Redux and no place to play and no one to show it off to. In the coming days I hope to have an interactive Redux Facebook page up and running. FB seems like the natural selection due to all their framework. I can’t tell you how many times I see pictures of stuff on MCB only to want to ‘like” it and move on but cant. Paintball information seems to be moving on towards FB anyhow and there are so many new and old ballers out there that have never heard of MCB. Hell I was recently contacted by my old buddy Ed Poorman via FB about attending LL8 w/Avalanche Vets and low and behold MCB came when old school guns came up. I was shocked to learn he wasn’t in the know, I figured everyone knew of MCB, I was wrong.

I will attempt to contact Steve and see if he will allow me to use the “desertduckdd68-stock class paintball” as the page name. If so I will post up and hope you turkey s join.

Other than that not a whole lot to tell.


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