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Thank you for the update but I will say Steve has made NO attempt to contact me, and nothing has transpired since. I am still out a lot of money and/or a Redux. He can say what he wishes, I have put my story out there for everyone to see. In fact I would LOVE to hear his side of the story because it's changed so many times when he actually bothered to contact me, that I'd be curious to know how it is now. As far as you, I appreciate all your help in the matter as I know you have no horse in this race, but maybe Steve can man up and settle this with me instead of making me have to go through a friend to get in contact with him. Very classless on his part.

Bottom line is, he himself said he can refund me.

Originally Posted by mOngo View Post
I'm alive- if you are not playing anymore like you told me previously- OF COURSE I can refund your money! OR I can send you the current Redux in a week if you still want it- up to you- You wanted the OLD redux, and I would have to finish the internals for it- as there are none for the old DUX that fit- meaning LMK what you want to do trigger, bolt hammer( modified Phantom) and Snub. Remember- you sent me the money before there was a gun for you......

Go ahead rake me over the coals on public forum- enjoy yourself
That was from July 3rd of LAST YEAR. He has not refunded me. I do not have the redux I paid for. Period. I paid for the gun just about FIVE years ago now. Yes, I asked him to let me do a payment plan to secure a spot for a Redux. HE AGREED TO IT, and I paid him. The record is there in my paypal. His comment that I paid for a gun before there was one for me is IN NO WAY AT ALL a justification for his actions or lack thereof so far. There is no reason that this should have been dragged out like this. This whole situation was completely avoidable. I have refrained from involving law enforcement in the matter thus far in hopes that this could be settled respectfully and amicably, but the fact that he continues to blow me off is maddening and I'm going to file a report with his local police department if this is not settled soon. I'm sure it's been too long for them to actually do anything about it, but what other options do I have short if flying out to California to confront him directly? I've sent emails, PM's and at one point called and left a message but I have heard NOTHING.

You would think he'd just make good on his word and give me my money back LIKE HE SAID HE WOULD, as it appears to me he has no intent to finish the gun, so he could be done with me and we didn't have to keep dragging this out. But it seems to me that he's just going to make me wait until I give up and forget about it. Which I will die before I walk away from $1366 of my hard earned money.
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