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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
Well said Sir Mar.
Originally Posted by Alive View Post
I hope to get to meet some,more folks in person....the "I got your back" can,be very helpful when your in a time of need. Replies to my thread helped me survive the day.
Originally Posted by Deus Machina View Post
Since we're getting all sappy: I love you guys.
Like, a general sense of well being, not a huggy-huggy thing. But you get my point.

Even after I get into a bad place in life and keep a couple guys waiting for parts for far too long (for which I sincerely regret and deserve everything they may say about me), drop off the face of the earth for a year, and I'm not even able to get back into the sport currently because I'm still in rough straits, I poke back around and basically get "Hey, welcome back. Hope you're well."
And that's not the smallest percentage of this place. From the rest I've seen the gang here do for other people, I could only wish that other communities were half what this place is.
You guys are great. Keep being awesome.
Originally Posted by bob_wuzza View Post
I sometimes try to explain to people how awesome MCB really is, usually to no avail. I think the positivity here scares away or affects the negative people, this is what keeps the good people here and slowly trickling in.

There's not much Mcarterbrown can be compared to... Unless there's a optionally moustached , beer, spirit and firearms aficionado, mayo and brass loving, international, optionally overweight and out of shape, women appreciating, Hawaiian shirt & kilt wearing, collectors of paint slingers of old forum somewhere else..
Originally Posted by WebFisher View Post
Years ago, I was a member of another forum similar to this one (PBJunkie), where there were many generous and kind members. That forum was mostly Southeastern folks whereas this is more of a global member forum. I agree with Mar. The generosity I have seen displayed here is incredible. To share my own story, I came home one day after work and my wife's laptop would no longer boot up. She was using Windows XP Media Center. Turns out that I had a code for it but no disk, and I had a Windows 7 disk but no code. Within minutes of posting my issue, I had several offers for anything from disks and codes to new hard drives (turns out my wifes laptop HDD failed.) I don't think I have personally met anyone on this forum, and yet people I didn't know willingly offered help. It is because of simple things like this that keep me coming back to this forum. It is the only forum I visit at all any more, and I no longer play paintball.
Originally Posted by GanonsGrin View Post
Mar, there's no need in enabling him. I've been constantly telling him that just because he is in a wheelchair doesn't grant him any special privileges in my book. Except of course that he was automatically nominated to be Lieutenant Dan in an upcoming Forrest Gump themed game.

I'm kidding of course! I want him to heal up nicely so he can attend Fulda Gap with us again this year, but nonetheless, he gets no sympathy in my book I've offered to get him a Rascal scooter and enter him as a tank for the game, but he won't tell me which color he likes best!

Onto the subject of your full post, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The people here are a step above anyone I've ever met during my brief 15 years in the game. You will always have a few naysayers and Debbie Downers, but this IS still the internet, and unfortunately they do live here. That doesn't mean that the other 99.9% of the members here can't contribute to the caring and overall outstanding atmosphere that this site has provided! and that is all due to the amazing people who frequent these boards!

There needs to be a saluting emoticon, because all of you guys would get a salute from me! I love this place!
Originally Posted by charlesincharge1984 View Post
Well said...Awesome post!
Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
Although I don't post as much anymore, mainly to losing touch with paintball in my area due to a skis I had with my former team and it not feeling the same afterwards... you guys are like a distant dysfunctional loving family. I've made some good friends here, in person and simply over mcb. I have learned a lot, gotten to connect with dozens of you all over the US and Canada and the world. And I always just peek around to see what's up with everyone and what's being discussed. Love this place. I hope you're all doing well.
Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
I am sending the OP to my wife in an email. I don't want her to snoop around the site, but she needs help understanding its appeal.
MCB is really hard to explain.
Anyone who insults MCB loses so much credibility; it is hard to be offended by them.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
I love you guys...all in the secret way. I'm lonely.

I check in all day long and every time it brings a feeling of interest, happiness, laughter or a mix of all good feelings.

I can come here with what I feel was an issue and have people support AND challenge me so that I can look at others points of view and gain more insight and personally growth.

Mar got me back into the sport and people like him and others on here (notably Walz, Manning, 300z, keysJR and Stilgar) have been huge in keeping me excited to go out every weekend.

Brassballs - bro you are awesome. You call it how you see it, your posts are always helpful and constructive, and your woodworking is untouchable. Thanks for all your contributions.

Bro hugs all around
Originally Posted by super-cameron View Post
I don't wanna get emotional, but when I received coffee from some of you guys, it more than made my day, restoring my faith in humanity. My health goal is to get back to paintball (and not be Professor X in an X-Men game) and that is thanks to THIS community.

You will never find a better group of people. I'm proud to consider you guys my friends.

Side note, if anyone ever needs to come visit the Bacon And Black Coffee (BBC) Division of Carter's Commandos, just yell.
Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
I love this place. Your words hit the nail on the head MAR. Even if I ever stop playing, I'll continue coming here. Seems like I made more friends here than in college!
Originally Posted by kjcent View Post
I love this place! Mar summed it all up nicely, thank you sir. I think this forum has a great personality. I'd like to add this to the list. Where else could a name change request become a full on comedy? I was at work when the whole Chad Thompson thread started. I didn't get much done that day. People I work with thought I was crazy because I was laughing so much. I tried to explain it but they didn't get it. That's ok! MCB means something to me and many others as well. There are so many examples of genuine compassion and generosity here. It's just a wonderful place to be a member of.
Originally Posted by Mastadon View Post
This is the first online forum I ever joined. I don't post much but have always felt welcome and have seen the connections between pretty much everyone on the site. You might have a few enclaves on pbn but nothing there gives the close family feel found on this site.
Originally Posted by Law View Post
My memebership renewal is up this time of year, and I alway ask myself what I'm supporting with the money as I don't really know any of you. This place really is special, and I am humbled to be able to support it. My post count doesn't come close to indicating the time I spend on here, or the amount I've learned.

Hmmm, this is starting to sound like an NPR fund drive...
SO much of this!

My original post only touched on some of the awesomeness I could remember off the top of my head - there is a lot that happens here, up front, and behind the scenes.

It is nice to hear such positive and awesome things!!!!
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