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Originally Posted by dutchman View Post
So what's the answer other then field paint only and one brand on the field?
Have people chrony before they go on the field. If you have enough staff and they know what they are doing it should only take a couple minutes. If somebodys gun is shooting hot send them back to staging if they can't turn it down quickly right there. To me quickly is in about 10 seconds. If I can get a cocker or my CCM adjusted that quick you should be able to get any gun that is adjusted with a regulator fixed that quick.

Also spot check people on the field. If somebody with their own gear is shooting hot send them off the field the first time and home without a refund the second time.

Another option is to make all rentals shoot the same paint, whatever grade you deem appropriate. Then give people with their own gear paint options or offer the one paint and charge more for BYOP players.

I'm not a fan of RPS or Empire paint. I haven't shot good paint from them in years with the exception of maybe a case or 2 of Evil. If I have my choice I buy Valken Redemption.
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