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1) Safety, safety and safety ( you should kick unsafe players into the shop for a bit and if it continues off the field and if it STILL continues, ban them. Safety is the most important thing in our sport
2)natural/friendly staff
3) at least 1 youth (under 18) referee, they are more relate able for younger players
4) membership/discount for regulars (this one goes a long way in getting your dedicated players coming back, throw in a free bag of paint or cut the entry fee. They will appreciate it)
5) fun atmosphere, unless you are a dedicated scenario/mil-sim field always emphasize that this is a place for fun and that it is a sport, not war.
6) finally, variety. Let everyone play, mix the mag-feds with the pumps and the electros and the mechs. They are all paintball and if they don't mind then they should all play together. It should be encouraged, all that limited paint isn't a challenge if it's only against other limited paint.
7) one more thing, those that bonus ball rec/rent ball players must be treated by an experienced staff player to a through *** kicking on the field, and sha'll receive bonus balls from said staff player
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I'm gonna pop some masks,
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I'm a killin,
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this is f*cking awesome
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