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Originally Posted by dutchman View Post
Okay, quick question I see free air as an option but covering the cost in another way. When we did all day air for a set fee. We had trouble with guys topping off their tanks every game, they could have a 114 cu in and be down 100 psi from full and they wanted it topped off. We lost a lot of time waiting for these guys that we could have been playing. It's ridiculous to top off every game, how do you guys do it with air?

And we have a nice compressor it's a Mako with 6 full size tanks in the 3600 PSI bank and 2 in the 4500 psi bank. The Mako also has the filters and dryer to keep moisture out so as not to give you fills that helps to rust your regulator parts. We thought that would be a nice touch!
I've been running a field for 3 years now (going on 4), and we offer free refills also. We have it so only refs and allowed members (the mature sponsored players) can fill tanks. The refs are trained to ask players how much air they have left, if they are under 1000psi we will fill it up, anything above that and we roll another game. At the end of the day we can top them up regardless of how much air is in their tank. Hope this helps!

-the guy who kinda knows how to run a field
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