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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
Our landlord wouldn't allow us to run airsoft games unless we guaranteed to use only bio BBs. Most of the commercial outdoor fields seem to be using only bio BBs from what I've seen.

Of course the commercial field on the Native Reservation allows regualr BBs because Natives apparently care more about the environment in the media than in the real world.

I live on an Indian reservation. I'd say about 70-90 percent of the folks here don't give a damn about the environment. It's sad really. We have a community trash cleanup every few months when the snow is gone and only about 100 people show up. loss of culture is a hell of a thing.

I'd say its on par with most places though. The general attitude seems to be "I won't be alive in X years, so why should I give a damn"

All that depressing social analysis aside, We've been moving more towards bio's. Since they are being sold in giant bulk bags (we're all poor and buy ammo together) it will certainly cut down on the plastic. thankfully were not hosers.

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Did you create an account on here JUST to talk about your fascination with Britney Spears, or do you play paintball on the side as well?
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