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Originally Posted by A.C. Basbas View Post
Sent USPS MoneyOrder 3 business days after we made a deal. $15 for an All American barrel tip.

He claims he never recieved it, didn't PM me to tell me that it hadn't arrived, just left a nasty feedback about the "lateness of my payment" without trying to contact me. The money order still hasn't been cashed.

Pretty silly over $15, especially since I'd have just cut another M/O and sent it to him...

Not a great way to do business. I'll edit this when he recieves the M/0, and if I recieve the part.
Tracking a Money Order
I guess he filled out the form and payed the $5.20

I did pm him about leaving negative feedback last week when i didnt receive the m/o last week. He told me that he sent the M/O later that week but didn't specify what day he mailed it. Now it's another week later and still nothing.

This is what I received today Feb. 14. Post marked Feb. 11. A money order thats not even mine. It has a different name and address on it. (used for a Aim Eagle Body) and he tried to change it to my name and address.

I am returning this M/O to A.C.Basbas.

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Originally Posted by melkson View Post
After I found out I had a screw loose, he gave me a good short screw. Filled my hole completely.

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