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He once met a woman in a bar in Tulsa, a charming redhead that went by the name Celeste and judging by her accent she wasn't from around those parts. He was more than just a little intrigued by the leggy fiery woman and bought several rounds for her and as the night progressed moved to a private booth. At some point in the evening the light hit her face just right and for the first time he was able to see the scar under her eye. Being a butcher he knew that the once deep cut was made by a blade but he didn't stare long as she turned so that he couldn't see it, clearly she had known he'd seen the now faded memento. After several more rounds his curiosity got the better of him and he couldn't go without an answer. When he ask her about the long, faded cut she seemed to she away at first but soon a wide smile decorated her face and she leaned in very close to him, pulling herself to his ear and in a sultry voice that could have melted steel she whispered, "Do you really want to know how I got this scar?"
He was taken a back but the sudden advance, he could feel his heart move up into his throat at her ever increasing presence but he needed an answer, "Yes." She quickly pulled him from the table and out of the bar to her car where she threw him up against it and forced herself on him. Before he knew it the beautiful fiery redhead had him fully exposed and was kneeling in front of him, that's when drew the knife from her boot...

And that's why we call him, Nyxd.
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