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Not answering PMs as it will be the same answer to some 50 PM'S at the moment I do have some old stock of kits left in black and silver. Just need to get all the parts dug up to put the kits together. Once I have them dug out I'll post what I have.

On another note has anyone ever thought about how much it would suck to tear a shop up that took over 12 years to get as you like. (Each piece brought in over time). And take all that stuff move it a new place and try and straighten it all out. In few days every week. How long would you think it would take? Keep in mind you moved somewhere that you know nobody. So you have no one to ask for help from. So all of it falls on you. Kind of blows.

On an up side the main mill is wired up. Just need to get a few minor details done and she's back.

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