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Originally Posted by MrJR View Post
Don't give up my spot! I'm headed to the pro-shop this afternoon for a cocker valve tool to finish disassembly. Then it's going directly in to a box with your name on it.

Um, can I send payment before I send in the gun? Because if so, that's what I'm going to do.

I'm sorry you have guys backing out on you. I know you are disappointed. Probably pretty frustrating...
I can take your valve out if you need me to.

And you can pay before you ship, just ship within a day or two of paying, please.

Im not really aggravated because people arent paying, I just had a schedule laid out with this and ano coming in, and its all messed up. Im kinda turning away ano jobs because I expected 6 half-blocks coming in, and I have 1 on the bench.
I don town anymore ! Please contact the owner thru the website.

Al I have left for sale PB related is pump related headbands and tshirts.
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