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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
It's getting cold, that means it's time to head into the caves at Jaegers and play some paintball inside. Saturday, the 12th of December, come join your fellow MCB crazies at Jaegers for some open play. Maybe, if we get enough people going, we can talk the staff into opening up one of the fields for our own private use. Jaegers recplay is open from 9am to 11pm, but most of us don't usually show up until about 11am. The wife and I, for example, have to drive 3 hours to Leavenworth to drop the 7 year old off with grandma and grandpa, then turn around and drive an hour back to Jaegers. Play until you run out of paint or until you can't possibly drag yourself back onto the field just one more time.

Bring your pumps, bring your classic markers, bring any gear your heart desires, just don't bring a bad attitude, because this is usually too fun not to enjoy.
I will have to try and make it down. It depends if I can get my car put back together. I am hoping it doesn't take long but if its like anything else in life....
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