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SR-1/SSR Thread

Show off your rifles here. What works, what doesn't, opinions, preferences and otherwise. This way we can clean up the order thread.


  • Pof-USA m-tac rail and barrel nut
  • Magpul BUS
  • Magpul stock (temporary, mission first tactical lightweight stock on the way)
  • ATI scorpion pistol grip (because soft rubbery Palm)
  • ATI milspec buffer tube and castle nut
  • Tango down stubby vertical grip
  • Hammerhead battle stick with .686 fin
  • Hammerhead M50 tip

Thankfully the SSR was built with a flat top rail to spec. I had this monolithic handguard in advance and it requires the flat top rail to mount properly. Installed, it lines up to the barrel nut perfectly.

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