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A continuation on this post from over a year ago. Here is Stanley Russell's Master Blaster:

This was the first Master Blaster Stan built (with Earon Carter at South Bay Arms). Tim McMurray's was likely the second and Earon's was closer towards the end of the run. Stan estimates between 4 and 6 were made.

Differences between the three I've seen:
Actual lower feed tube plug (looks like a cut down nightmare plug but should predate the nightmare?).
Pump handle is not notched all the way back (since as Stan said he either didn't have the Sheridan pumps cut yet or he made this handle from scratch).
Barrel lengths are the same. Two round tubes, both are same od as a Sheridan lower tube I believe.
Single sided connection to platform (elevator).
Stock plastic Mark 1 grips.

Tim's Master Blaster:
Same OD lower tubes.
Uses a PG bolt as the lower tube stopper (benefit would be that according to Stan it wouldn't get lost, and disadvantage is that is holds less balls).
Pump is same length, but has rings all the way back.
Not currently attached to a Mark 1 Crosman Pistol.
Single sided connection to platform (elevator).
Master Blaster pictured in Front Line and APG articles.

Earon's Master Blaster / "Elevator Gun":
Long barrel.
Longer pump handle.
Dual sided connection to platform (elevator).
Wood grips from McMurray.
Barrel and feed tubes are round but have the sides flattened and have a neat swirl from being machining prior to anodizing.
"Shoots through plywood" - Earon Carter

And more details at:
Stanley Russell's Master Blaster Elevator Gun c. 1985 - Old News Paintball History
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