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Originally Posted by Sredman0909 View Post
I've been contemplating this setup myself. Getting a little 50 round hopper and going to town. I'm going to have to hunt for the right deal because 300 is getting up into the gall of my price range.
I think for 200 you could get an open class phantom and a 4oz tank. 50rd hoppers are super cheap. For 300, you could have anything but the most rare phantoms. And when budgeting is an issue, phantoms are a great choice for saving on paint, and you get your money back whenever you sell it.

Originally Posted by ProtoNY View Post
Not that I am really old - closing in on 40, this year - but there are more creaks, groans, pops, and snaps than I remember and I simply do no recover as quickly as I once did. But, I am damned determined on enjoy this as much as I can. Plus, I have already determined that when I cannot play, if there is still a sport to be had, I'll find comfort in talking about the "olden days" with people on here, while I collect and restore all of the markers I never thought I would have when I was a teenager.
I started playing at about 35, and I am turning 40 this year. When I was young, paintball was just too expensive. Now I have three young kids and almost zero time, but I bargain for about half a day a month. I miss some months, and MCB tides me over between playing.
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