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A few months ago, I was cleaning out the garage, and I came across a box of what gear I had left. Mostly, some Spyders, and a bunch of parts. Having some family members that were around the age that I was when I started, I figured that I would get them tuned up and just give those Spyders away. What I did not expect, though, is how their excitement was contagious. Found myself wanting to get back into the game again, and I have immersed myself rather quickly.
I was asked if I wanted to go to a team building event at a local park here in the Lou a couple weeks ago. We went out to the park and we got these lovely little BT-4's and some really ugly paint. It made me crave the game and an actual marker that has had some love put into it. I used to be a cocker hobbyist before making the stock class switch. Everything feels so foreign now.

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Welcome back bro.

The pros of stock class can out weigh the cons of reloads and 12 grams. Huge savings on paint because you're limited by the feed tube. Also you gain a lot of skill playing that way as I'm sure you know from your past experience. If you hate 12 grams go modified and put a tank on there and call it a day. If you're already cool with nelsons and the phantom in particular then your halfway there to being a happy successful player. Also the phantom is bullet proof. So reliable I don't think they can break even if you try.

Welcome back bro and all the best
I have this feeling that I'm going to end up with a setup similar to this. My biggest fear is that I end up not having partners to play with and the sport dies out again. lets hope this doesn't happen.
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