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So I went out and bought a previously leased Viking ...

Actually, it was more like a ex-rental car when I received her.

This is for those of you who havent seen this on PBN . This poor marker is the most abused Viking I have ever purchased. Although I got a deal that was more than fair (actually it was like highway robbery but it was E-bay), I feel I need to vent. I would have posted sooner but I wanted to solve a few minor issues. For the most part, the viking was in decent shape. However I did encounter the following problems. The eye holes were completely filled with mud/paint. I spent 2 hours taking her apart and testing her to find out that the wires for the on/off switch and the solenoid needed to be replaced. The settings on the board were totally wacked (the debounce was set to 52!).The trigger job was the worst trigger job I have ever felt on an electro. It felt like a first gen electro spider, nix that, the spider was better. The feed neck and the sidewinder feel like they were drowned in loctite. I cracked a Halo shell while trying to remove the stupid BP no-rider (the threads were coated with mud/paint). I had to use a special wrench to get the sidewinder off so I could replace every o-ring. So after all of that, I decided to throw on spares of my favorite trigger, my favorite feed neck, and a DC Volumizer . If the person who did this to this marker is reading this, please take a tech class before attempting to work on any other electro marker, I am not kidding. Here are pics of her now.:evilgrin:
Left Side

Right Side

And of course a group pic of the immediate family.
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You have serious problems Himura. I remember when I first started buying guns I would oogle your collection.
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