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Brass and Wood Fan
Pmr9/Pmr7/Nurve/Promaster all in need of love


Some very bad timed court stuff has come up so im going to be selling off all my projects over the next week to prepare for the worst... so here is the first batch.

They all need work. Ill do my best to describe whats wrong however i am no expert on any of these. In fact I don't really know anything about them.

I have no idea what to ask for them or what they are worth. As such, they are all OBO and price is shipped

PMR9 (I Think) - $125
Holds air and shoots good though the eyes are not working at all. Blinks green when turned on, no frame screws

PMR7 - $100
Leak out back cap. Blinks green. Wont fire, but trys to

Nurve - $125
Holds Air and sings the national anthem when turned on. Cant get the safety off. Back button seems to not be making contact when pressed. Might be fine if someone knows how to work these

Promaster - $70
Leaks down barrel. Missing LPR screw and Valve pin oring. $17 for the kit from ICD to fix this

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