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Where did I say co2 tank? I have a 10oz bottle that is rated for 3000 psi service.

DOT-3AL 3000 B093535 M0816 04 TUV1 15 0.16L

I appreciate the answers, but a lot of folks are assuming things. I just wanted to leave my scuba tank strapped securely to the leg of the work bench, then pull up a hose to gas up a marker after service. Tanks roll, possibly on to the floor, so I don't want them on my bench.

I open up a window and chrono into the trees outside, then disconnect the marker... no tanks rolling around on the workbench. Also, the TiPX for example, can't have a tank mounted on it. (well, this is the wrong board to say 'can't', but my point stands).

I wanted a single device, but that's expensive. Instead, as suggested, I leave a bottle attached to the tank. I found the smallest bottle I could find for HPA, 10oz, to reduce the stress on the mechanical connection. There is an extra step from time to time, but it's an acceptable solution. If I need to use CO2, I have a charger and/or use a 12g. Anyhow, this one can be put to bed, and thanks to the input (even the ones that didn't exactly relate) I walked away with more knowledge.
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