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Happy Father's Day to y'all out there.

I'll just take the number I'm at on the list (24), assuming the list survives.

That's a great looking prototype, there, Bill!

I love the idea of just swapping out cylinders, one for paint (if able) and one for FSR, fields allowing.

I also like the idea of a quick change 12gm. I'm a fan of the SA17 (excellent air conservation) with its lever action quick change CO2 and the 8.1 (which also gives me up to 30 shots per 12 GM pierced) allows for quick changes, by swapping out mags. The one TPX I borrowed had issues with every 12 gram I tried despite adjusting the cap to pierce sooner (Maybe a dud?). I know you will come up with something rock solid. Now I just need to work on the brownie points.
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