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Originally Posted by LT72884 View Post
turtle wax on a barrel is pretty cool. i used a sock and a choppstick to hold said sock. heated that barrel up and waxed away. seemed pretty good for stock barrel haha.

i do not know if the ball was chopped. i just saw a whole slew of spray come out of the barrel haha.

can i submerge the entire tippmann in hot soapy water? or is there a better way to clean it. it got hit 3 times and its a mess
i would not submerge it in water because you will get water in your valve and it will rust the spring. on 98c its a little bit tricky to open up the valve but if you do you can replace the seal with a 1/2 c clip you will need a 1mm tip not the stander 2mm. bt all ready have the c clip for there valves. if you have a platnum you can repalce the valve with the older threaded valve with a small mod so you can use w/e hose on it you want.
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