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Squall Setup Help

I walked into PPS a few months ago and made an impulse buy on a Squall. Great gun, but reloading and remembering when to change out the 12 gram seems to be way too complex for my feeble mind. So, I've been playing with different setups.

I put in a dummy 12 g and a female stab with a UMB and a ring mount, couldn't get the velocity up so I added a PPS CA valve, that helped.

I wanted to keep it light and easy to handle so I've been using a 3.5 oz tank. That gave me pressure spikes due to pointing it down when firing, so now I've got a remote with a 3.5 oz tank on my Ronnin SC harness. Made a tank pouch out of a 50 pod pouch. That setup keeps the liquid out of the gun and feels good.

I still get some pretty drastic velocity spreads 20 to 30 fps and the efficientcy seems poor. 120 or so shots off the 3.5 oz. It may not be broken in yet. I had a creeping lpr but thats been resolved.

Anyway to the questions..........

Should I put a gauge on the stab and set it to around 800 psi and leave it there and use the velocity adjuster only?

Is there any need to use different valve and/or hammer springs?

Would it be better to use a lower pressure and respring? Use a heavier hammer etc.?
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