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Originally Posted by SuperHiQuality87 View Post
ive been looking for one for a while now. I really dont care what specific model or condition its in. My eventual plan is to have it sent off to palmers for a bunch of custom work including a double barrel set-up that ive been playing with in my head. therefore, the less expensive/worse condition, the better. I know squirley is selling one right now for 375 but its in pretty nice condition (wouldn't want to mess it up.) I also know that theres a kp2df in need of a rebiuld on ebay for 200, but not only is no one is bidding on it but myself, but theres a reserve price anyway so no matter what i wont win it . Anyway even if youve got major parts like barrels or stocks i'm still interested.

So ive got cold hard cash to contribute here as well as (if youre interested) a slightly modified vm-68 i can throw in for trade value.

thanks for reading this!
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