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Lot of true points here. I probably got a lemon. It was way too inconsistent for my taste, even after being tech'd with a new PRV, regulator, bad karma bolt, techT springs with the stock bolt, i tried alot. it just wouldn't budge, as well as the occasional ball break, despite it not being a huge damper cause you can usually just shoot through it, the shot still didn't come out when i wanted it too lol. I hadn't thought of the detent being a variable like Butch3r mentioned but it does make sense cause the tipx does tend to hook.

I have heard of people loving their tipx's with no issues, no maintenance time, no money put into it and they work great. I mentioned this earlier to someone else with the same concerns, and like smiffington said it's produced on a large scale and factory tolerances and defects can have quite the negative impact, so i got rid of mine. sticking to my primary for a while and grabbing an 8.1 soon..hopefully it will turn out better experiences for me.
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