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Originally Posted by JKR View Post
This post gives me hope! I have been looking at the EVS for a while. While putting aside some cash, I have been trying to read about the mask as much as possible. The lens removal combined with the ease of foam replacement and the apparent range of vision look like it combines to make a great mask.
Personally I love it...two things though...I still recommend test fit before purchase or purchase through a place that accepts returns with no fees/issues/hoops. Second there seems to be a slight issue with the stock lens and the thermal seal if left in direct sun or in an enclosed vehicle cabin for a length of time.

Oh and they make an HD lens for it...

Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
When I started doing shells for my revolvers the apparent thing i noticed was the hole size in the cartridge controlled the velocity of my paint.
TL;DR hole size controls how fast balls get spent
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