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Thanks Guys I am looking at all my options right now legal issues really scare the heck out of me a guy down the road had hunter on his land fall and hurt himself on his land 30K later and he is still not sure yet if he will have to sell off.

I am going to do some shopping for legal firms here soon anyone out there that has any suggestions please share any experiences. I am laying out the areas that are not in open fields right now to thin out the thick areas this fall.

On the mental stability of people who knows I have my own issues myself I think I am turning into an old recluse myself here lately.

I did look at doing a side benefit of using air soft in close quarters weapon training I have used it before but it was cheaper than using sim ammo. Sim ammo is rough on you no matter what. Again I sure do thank you guys for the replies. I am not giving up just doing some research.

Also thank you for the what killed paintball article. I will always keep an open mind to people in the sport and any land owners who have looked into it. Going to hit the rack tonight. Adios
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