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Well I have my wife's camera back in my posession so here is the form in which my Pyre was set up for it's first real event at Camp Blanding:

I have some plans for changes:
  1. -Use a 20 oz CO2 tank (I ran the 45/45 because I had not had a chance to install an anti-siphon in the CO2 yet)
  2. -Replace the braided hose line with custom fitted hardline. Really wanting to use all brass hardline parts but might end up using swageless Stainless Steel fittings and line for ease. Brass I would like to "naturally age" for a nice dull patina if I go that route.
  3. -Replace the current on/off with an ASA one that has no on/off and the gas port is out of the front for clean plumping lines.
  4. -Thinking about having it reannoed a dark olive green including the Pro-Line Gas though but leave some of the accessoris black.


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