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Outlaw paintball in proximity of affordable housing and housing authority

What are your thoughts about paintball done secretly in the secluded woods, level terrain but lots of trees with deer and turkey trails, but is planned to someday (I think 20 years from now) become affordable housing. The housing authority is marking its territory like a concerned momma bear but she has no teeth I think. The spot I'm looking at in particular has no "No Trespassing" indicators which shocks me. Just two slightly offset Jersey barriers. I think the federal government has to authorize them to develop there first. It is sooo nice and doesn't need any bunkers at all, lots of natural concealment even in winter. No trash whatsoever except for an old tire and some 70s/80s era doodads. Do you think the kids in the projects will be thrilled or will it be too much for a lazy white dude to handle? Will the housing authority security fellow have an itchier trigger finger than us crew of paintball players. Am I going to get shanked is what I'm asking
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