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Originally Posted by nofxkid2005 View Post
I love that cockers are coming back so big.
1st of all, cool to see ShockTech back up!!! My favorite bolts and 3-ways hands down, plus they made some of the coolest (and most original) looking bodies and parts that always seemed to work so well.

2ndly, I'm glad to finally see the shift away from electros and towards pump and mech. I got tired of electros after about a year, it's good to see more folks coming to the same realization.

I still remember how super geeked I was to get my first aftermarket paintball part - a shocktech volumizer for my OG spyder!!!

AGD, WGP AND NOW SHOCKTECH - great to see the resurgence!!!
I buy and sell mainly mag parts, but I will take a look at any guns. If you are looking for cash, pm me with what you have and how much you would like.
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