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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
You really kinda have to squint and close one eye in those pictures due to the white background but these don't go directly into the gun with that style feedneck. They go into one of the standard hopper elbows.

Short answer is, and I'm not trying to be a smartalic or anything, they go where you put the hopper. Be that an elbow or a wider feedneck.
No offense taken! Thanks for the info!

Originally Posted by AnarchicArctic View Post
IIRC that open class feedneck is 7/8". Mike sells a 7/8"X1" elbow so if you snag that from him you would need the 1" adaptor
Dang, I was really hoping for a means to do a straight inverted feed.
I think This Might Do the Trick
PBN Feedback Here
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