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I pose a few questions for you, OP.

How old are you? How will you and the other players get to the field?

Do others use this area to walk dogs, jog, etc?

As a person who has played on, and created a few TRUE renegade fields......Be prepared to be chased off. Depending on your age, cars, etc. it could be anything from a "get out of here" to being hauled off to jail. In my experience the first time you get caught and your reaction to it will determine a lot. Be cool and be apologetic. Keep in mind that in some areas you could be considered a threat by police forces all dressed out in paintball gear.

You have to be hyper alert to the possibility of unmasked, non players entering the game area. Shooting a non participant is certainly an assault and in some places is a felony.

We played for years on a water company easement. It worked out great until we pissed off one of the people that lived adjacent to it. Renegade ball typically works out best in areas that people can't see or hear you. Leave no trace.
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