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We used to play in some local woods that was illegally shared by horse back riders, paintballers, hikers, dietbikes and the like. They mostly steered clear of us, but when they rode by we didn't shoot them.
I think eventually a horse became frightened when a marker ran too low on co2 and threw someone off. I've never confirmed and this was about 15 years ago.
I guess what I'm saying is, go for it.

If you get beat up, well, you probably won't go back. But also, if you're too afraid of low income families, you probably shouldn't go for a handful of reasons. Lol.
I find it incredibly difficult to believe that there are committees of people looking to condemn paintball as a sport and shut down the community of us ne'er-do-well hooligans, but god damn do people like to paint that picture.

That said, if it's private property and the police do show up, have an escape plan. Throw your marker under some leaves to pick up later (if necessary), be polite and you'll probably just be asked to leave. A simple trespassing ticket is only like $90 if it's came down to it.

Edit: in case you missed my original point. Respect other people using the woods. We always did and thus they returned the favor.
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