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Oooh you got pumped!
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Haven't owned snipers or cocker pumps but have tried them from friends. Even an Ion pump, mag pump, T2. I bought my first phantom for about 50 bucks. Have upgraded it since then and still have it. I've had a spyder detent mod installed and installed a spyder detent mod myself on my new (Used) phantom with freak barrels on both with the blue main spring. I love them both. The pump stroke may not be smooth but here's the thing, I actually don't like the real smooth pump stroke...when I tried those cocker pumps being used to the phantom, I slam the pump handle so hard I feel like I'm going to break them, lol. The cocker pumps to me seem more cumbersome. I don't like the back block moving unless you have a half block or mid block then that's fine. Phantoms are virtually maintenance free and simple. I don't have to do any tweaking really. Just go out and play. Since I've gotten my first phantom, I've just added upgrades and haven't really done any maintenance like cup seal replacement, lol. They just freaking work and I love it. I had an Azodin KP2 and that broke and had issues everytime I hit the field, well it's an Azodin KP I guess I shouldn't have expected too much. I'm currently building a 3rd phantom from parts that go on sale. Reliable, simple, fun...what more could you ask for.
Kid: What's that on his paintball gun...(points to my pump handle)

Other kid: That's where they put the co2 cartridge in.
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