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Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
A very smooth pump stroke kind of begs the question, "why pump?"
I play pump to make the game more interesting, and because there is a certain satisfaction that comes with racking a round. A really smooth open class pump is pretty close to playing with a semi, and it doesn't give the satisfying mechanical element.
I used to play with my CCM when I was worried about getting outgunned, and I felt insecure on the field. As a result, I didn't play well, and the CCM was kind of a dysfunctional crutch. I only bring stockclass guns now, and it is a much more interesting challenge.
Very well said, and I agree. Where I live, there is a woods field 20ish minutes away that only opens during the warm months, and the only other option right now is an indoor smaller-sized airball field that is jam-packed with rentals every weekend. So you do 20 v 20 and have 9 kids piled behind you at home...but it's still paintball and I always have a good time. Not the best conditions for stock class play. However, the other local field which has been closed for moving into a larger location should be really great, with an added outdoor "rec ball" field. So I definitely related to the feeling out-gunned and insecure on the field, and a CCM or CCM'd/auto-triggered Sniper can definitely be a crutch.

To the smoothness thing, like gandhi77 said:

Originally Posted by gandhi77 View Post
The pump stroke may not be smooth but here's the thing, I actually don't like the real smooth pump stroke...when I tried those cocker pumps being used to the phantom, I slam the pump handle so hard I feel like I'm going to break them, lol.
This has always been me when a Sniper comes into my hands. Have to re-learn that less force is necessary to cycle it and feel like I am going to break the thing. I do enjoy them, however. I just always miss the Phantom when I don't have one, and now that winter has come to an end the weather is begging more and more for stock class.

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