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Stock class setups

I'm just trying to wrap my head around traits of a good stock class setup and how that could be applied to a 2K+ unregulated setup.

Volume - less volume seems to be necessary for efficiency and good number of shots per 12ie. (Low volume in phantoms, other nelsons, and pre2k cockers)

Air passage - pre2K cookers and phantoms have a bottleneck in the air flow that are rather small. I assume that this reduces flow to some degree, and can make for a flatter velocity curve

Springs - stiffer springs needed for opening/closing valve at those higher pressures

At high pressure, is the valve dwell less of a factor on velocity than the bottleneck to restrict air flow? I have an AIM crow, cci changer in the VASA, Palmer's LT HP valve, red maddmann springs, stock hammer, and a mad customs devolumizer that I have not installed. The bolt is a shocking supafly that some have said is too much flow.

Right now without the devolumizer I get well over 20 shots from 260 spiking to 290 then 300+ for the last few before drop-off. I'm trying to convince myself why the devolumizer will solve everything, but I know nothing's that easy.

Is the weight of the hammer of any significance in these poppet systems with changing pressures? I just assumed that the mass/force/momentum would end up being within a negligible difference of each other but have heard of success with 40g hammers (is stock 32g?)

I'm really just curious what about markers like the phantom make them so successful on unregulated CO2. They are low volume, have stiff springs, the valve stem has the tiny air passage holes.

There is a phantom Gif that makes the valve body look pretty hollow, is that an accurate depiction of that space? What I am wondering is whether or not it is beneficial to have some volume immediately available to flow through the valve.

I believe that with the power of MCB we can make an end-all to sniper on 12g threads rather than have a dozen with different setups that kind of work once you wade through the suggestions to use a regulator.

Let me know your thoughts!
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