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Sweet thread, thank you for the information!

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- from my experiences, the biggest problem with tunning Stock Class marker for efficiency, without regulator and X-chamber, is to stay surely below 300 fps with first shoots and be hight with last shoots, when the liqiud will dilute (thin up) and then when the pressure will slope down, stepwise, with consuming CO2 with previous shoots. With different valve dwell seting, it will be possible shoot with the gun even on the there lower pressures, but practically, you can not change the valve dwell during the shooting... But you can use the reg. Bassically, the reg will make small CA gun from SC gun. Regulation trought vaporization of liquid will be replaced with mechanical preesure regulation like in HPA system. This is imho the main asset from reg - you can create pressure stability in valve chamber in long term during shooting, spread out the power from powerlet in time and flatten out the curve. From this reason, are my guns (so far - without regs) commonly most efficient with thier first ten shoots set very hight (~290 fps).
between this guys' summary and trends in the velocity data on that thread, depending on how the reg is sweetspotted, the regulated setups run at consistent velocities until pressure has been depleted to below operating pressure--at which point they vent down the barrel or barely get a last shot off. On the other hand it seems that, for unregulated setups, they start at a pressure higher than what the 'sweetspot' would be for the spring combo and shoot hot towards the end.

What I take out of this is that the depleting pressure of a 12ie makes a consistent unregulated setup from start to finish an unreasonable expectation. For now the goal will be to keep the final shots from spiking more than 15-20bps over 2 or so balls before it vents by increasing valve spring tension with washers.

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Someone ought to make a Phantom valve/powertube/hammer combo for LP.

Increasing the diameter of the sealing face, along with a wider, higher flowing power tube and a hammer bored out and made heavier to accomodate would give a lower valve sweetspot, allowing for more volume to pass while also reducing or eliminating valve "pop" when cocking.
earlier in the thread he talks about what would be good for a low pressure phantom, so I tried to think backwards from this. Air passages will be narrowed but I'd love to find some more fluid dynamics related information that would help find traits of a better setup.

I know it seems trivial / common sense so far, just trying to keep track of these thoughts and hopefully get input on whether they are accurate or incorrect.

Thanks again for sharing the link, 17 more pages to read through. (ended up being mostly commentary with some data).
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If one is going to be an ambassador to the sport do your best to try to convey to new players what the sport is about and attempt to convey the same message to the players that are being abusive.

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