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Hey North Jersey here! I used to play outlaw in two places religiously-

A place called "pine forest" in Oakland up north near wanaque.

And in an old abandoned quarry in the middle of friggin Clifton of all places! Lol. Bet nobody expected that. Was an awesome field, tons of diff ways to use it, with an old tractor trailer sitting right smack dab in the middle of the place. Unlimited "game modes" you could run. As far as i know the quarry is still empty but there has been work done up there in recent years and supposedly the trailer is gone. Prior to this, there were actually woods across the street from the quickcheck on valley road that we played in every weekend in highschool. God, it was 30-40 feet off the road..

Battle creek in west milford is where i go now. 25 bucks for a case of paint at dicks, and 38.08 including tax for all day play and free air with B.Y.O.Paint on any sat or sunday from 9am to 5pm. Granted the fields leave a little to be desired, and the pro-shop is a joke, but the people are cool and it's a good home field you can afford to go to often.

Shoebox glacier/turbo board

After market shoebox parts,

HSW anything

Teardrop Freak Fronts


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