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FS: Custom STO Sniper

I've retired from paintball and am selling off the last of my gear.
This was my main pump gun, it runs really smoothly, and with a nice anodizing job, would look the bees knees too.

I've been out of the scene for a while, so my price might be high, but I'll list it at $325 (shipped with tracking/insurance of course)

It's been a few years so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but here's the specs:

'99 STO P-block with a bit of custom machining, currently raw finish
CCM Deluxe pump kit
Belsales bolt, bolt pin, cocking rod
CP HP Regulator
KAPP Slider w/ Carter shoe, roller trigger plate, Hogue palm swell panel grips

The lower internals are good, but I can't say which brand, I set this up and tuned it like 7 years ago? Only used my favorite parts. Same with the sear and all springs, can't recall.

It does air up and fire properly with no leaks! Didn't check velocity, but had it running in the 270-280 range last time I played pump (5ish years ago).

Will throw in a couple 50 round hoppers.

Can also negotiate on including a near-new 13ci/3000psi Ninja air tank.
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