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2004 AKA Viking and Inception FLE V2 Mini build

2004 AKA Viking - Super clean, fresh screws all around. Comes with original Javelin barrel in great condition and JMJ trigger.

PRICE: $400 shipped and PP'd

7) Inception Designs FLE V2 mini-cocker, built by me. Zero wear, perfect condition, built with all Inception parts. Does not come with POPS ASA, barrel or HPR unless you want to discuss them being included in the final price. Non-ID parts - Belsales bolt, Shocktech RED valve, AKA SCM3 LPR. Get a properly built cocker and save a few bucks while doing so. All parts were purchased NEW for this build.

PRICE: $800

What it will look like with barrel, ASA and HPR:

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