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Originally Posted by himurax13 View Post
True, the only way to tinker with the AKA guns is to constantly reset the LPR for no reason. The only other things to do is to chop them up and remill them. I am just surprised that the market is not saturated with unmilled versions.
I just picked up an 03 Unmilled Viking off of here (and sold my 04, I wish you would have PMed me first, it would be yours). There were only about 5000 excal/vikings made. And now everyone seem hot on Vikings again, as Summer rolls around and Fall comes, there will be more for sale. With tax refunds no one is desperate to sell there beloved Vikings (when I say Vikings, I really mean Vikings & Excals).

It is weird, usually there are more unmilled Vikings on ebay, on time last fall, there were 3 for sale at the same time.

Besides, pbn is good for one thing only, the AKA forum!

I kinda like the unmilled Vikings better than the milled ones! Type 3 Anno! All though I have plenty of pics of milled ones!

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