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To address the communications issues -

Website issues I only found out about ~4?5? days ago. We use a G Suite account for our inbound/outbound emails and it looks like the authentication dropped off without any notice, so we lost a lot of emails both ways. That's something we need to fix in terms of logging or being able to at least know when it's down, but we're so small right now that it's not something we tell by lack of volume. Still a lot to learn in that department. Sorry for that.

As far as the PM is concerned, I coulda sworn I messaged you back on Thursday, but I just checked and I did not. The message I had written up was basically what I posted above. We've never had leaks down the breech due to machining or core oring issues, only when people have lost that one on the can or the tolerances on the marker are so poor that we need to tell them to use a larger metric oring (which I have plenty of since I had to tech a few).

Either way, we'll get you taken care of. Please accept my apologies.

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