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I wore a 2 gun rig back in the day for a pair of NSG Splatmasters with capped magazine tubes. Mainly used it with the right side empty as it is my shooting hand and did a bad "border shift" when the time came to switch guns. I was young and fast then and my run-and-gun game was strong. When the fell clutch of time began to get to me I went to a right side single gun in a waist holster, and for while I carried a PG snugged in over my right kidney, upside down for easy access but the weight and lack of use made me give it up. It was pretty cool to do a snap draw and make one shot on an enemy when someone was watching. If I hit I made like I do it all the time and if I missed I would say "That'll keep his head down" and mosey on along. Later I gave up the holster altogether and began to just wander around with a bone stock PGP and a Hawaiian shirt on mumbling...
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