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reviving an old thread, I am currently restoring a J2 mech with a 45 hinge frame, J2 VASA and CCM 3-way. The CCM 3-way shaft/coupler are one piece and I was missing the timing rod.

I found lapco's timing rod to be the right length but as Rob mentioned it does fall out of the frame if the marker is tilted to the side, the rod is a bit thinner. I will consider trying a small o-ring on the end to keep it in place.

The inception timing rods currently available would be ideal, since I tested it and the diameter is just right for the CCM hinge/triggerplate, however the 2.75" full body rod was about 0.2" too short to work.

I am considering using the 3.55" rod from Inception and cutting it down but I don't know how much thread will remain for the coupler since I don't have it in hand.
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