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Field Discounts?

Hi folks,
Here's a couple of quick question. Everyone loves a discount. But which will do the field more good. If you give 10% off for a group of 10. Or if you give a discount for regular usage like every 10th visit free, (limited to average spending) Or 50% off every 5th visit for a player? I've even looked at giving each player a $10 gift certificate for coming to play to help bring them back again.

I always get asked for group discounts even when there's only 4-5 in the group. Or military discount, police discount, big shooter discount, an I'm breathing discount. Well maybe not the last one yet but I'm expecting it any day.

Are people so easily fooled that if I mark my prices up 20% so I can give everyone a discount of 20% What's the sense, why not just give people the best deal you can everyday?

What do other fields do?

As a player, what would you like to see for a discount. (remember, any discount will require someone to pay for it. Either a hidden price increase, or a drop in services at the facility or even the owner by not investing in improvements or upkeep.) That may sound terrible, but many fields have been pushed to the very edge and there is no more to give. To be honest I don't know any field owners getting rich. Most are going out of business or have already gone.

As a field owner, this is important to me, this is what I do for a living, not a part time hobby I have while I'm not working my regular job. That's why we've always tried as hard as possible. We have it all on the line. Failure for us would be terrible. If it were a hobby field, I'd keep my regular job and take up Kayaking or something!

I'd like to have your thoughts. They may help me find something to improve the situation. Been doing this for 31 years to stubborn to quit.

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