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We offer stepped group discounts at our field that start with relatively small groups as over the years, group sizes have become smaller. People no longer seem to want to go to the trouble of organizing larger groups as I did before opening a paintball field many years ago.

5-9 players get $14 off each
10-19 players get $18 off each
Over 20 players get $20 off each

These need to be prepaid in advance to get the discount and are off our “at the gate” price. We also offer a $10 discount for 1-4 players just for prepaying, rather than paying at the gate as it makes our life a whole lot easier if we know approximately how many people are coming (saves on having extra staff at the field just in case you have a busy day). We have very few renters that do not prepay now with this pricing structure.

Gear owner prices are considerably less to start with and the discount is only $5 for prepaying because as I’m sure it’s the same at your field, most gear owners very rarely plan far enough in advance and can’t be bothered to prepay.

One thing that one of our competitors does is offer a relatively cheap lifetime membership which get members cheaper field fees (not free) and a discount on paintballs. Personally, I philosophically disagree with offering gear owners discounts on paint if they are playing in open groups against renters, which is basically necessary in today’s market of declining gear owners if you want them to have someone to play with. But that’s just me. Once that relatively small fee has been paid for the lifetime membership, it tends to make the “members” more inclined to come to your field rather than go to a competitor’s field.
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