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Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
Once that relatively small fee has been paid for the lifetime membership, it tends to make the “members” more inclined to come to your field rather than go to a competitor’s field.
I have to agree with this. I go to a field that offers memberships paid per month. $40 for up to 5 visits, or $45 for unlimited visits per month. The membership is roughly equal to 2 visits at regular cost. The benefits include: not having to pay the regular entry fee, 40% discounts on all field paint varieties, option to bring your own paint, "free" entry into any of the fields special events/tournaments. When signing up, the fee is a prorated first month + full last month. In return, the field owner gets to secure a predictable fee from a known number of regulars, as well as enticing players to continue to come to that field instead of wandering from field to field, looking for the best option for any given day of play.

As a member, I and others tend to take on an attitude of "ownership" in how the field is managed. That is to say, we want it to survive and thrive, so we encourage fair play, camaraderie, inclusiveness toward new players and even tidying up after ourselves.

It helps that this particular field is already run very well (and differently from others in the area).
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